My Miracle baby

On a Sunday morning, I cried sitting in the corner of my closet holding the pregnancy tester. Every damn one showed me a negative sign. I was so sure this time, I skipped my period, I was feeling sleepy all the time, I was tired always.

But still, was negative.

My husband fixed an appointment with my gynecologist the following day seeing me miserable.

The next day the doctor told me to get a blood test and found out I have hypothyroidism. It was so extreme that she advised us not to try anything since I have only 10% possibility of getting pregnant.

I came home shattered into pieces. Even though it was tough we kept praying. After crying all my heart out, I became normal in a months time.

Aug 25th, 2015, as I was cleaning my bathroom cabinets I saw just one pregnancy tester left unused. I thought to myself why to just throw this unused, let me try and throw it.

At noon 12.01, I came screaming out of my toilet to my mother -in- law showing her my pregnancy tester. It had two lines, two freaking lines!!!!

Oh my god. It was just unbelievable.

When we visited the doctor with my blood test report, was she amazed ??

Haha..oh yassss!

She couldn’t believe it either.

Our little baby she was definitely a miracle baby. When the world said No, God said YES.

He gave our little happiness when we thought the slightest.

And now she is here.

I will never forget this and always grateful to God for this amazing miracle he did for my family.


8 thoughts on “My Miracle baby

  1. Husna says:

    Yes we should always trust God and His plans. And very nice ending quote When world said No God said yes . Keep praying Always and yes miracles do happen.👍

    Liked by 1 person

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