My Labor and Delivery story


April 22nd, morning around 5.00 am I woke up feeling a little weird. I got down from the bed and saw that I have wetted my bed, which I promise guys hasn’t happened since I was 4 or maybe 5 😉

Ok so I called my mum she came and told me that my water broke…Yeah, you heard me right. My water broke !!

I have been reading so much pregnancy kinds of stuff and still, I wasn’t feeling ready for this moment.

So, I took bath and put on a nice new top and a tint of lipstick thinking I should look pretty when our little baby comes out.

Bivin, My husband was traveling so I hurried and called him but he never took the phone.

I made my dad and my friend keep trying till he picks up. Meanwhile, we drove to the hospital and got admitted immediately.

Ok now the time is 8.30am and still, we couldn’t reach Bivin, really how can he sleep through that many calls!

Every minute I was tensed, I didn’t want to deliver this baby without the father.

I finally found the security guard’s number of the apartment he was staying at and made him go up the room and ring the bell.

These people were so good, they went up and rang the bell till he actually came out…after like 9-10 rings my super sleepy husband comes out and sees all these guards saying..“Sir, its delivery, its delivery”

My husband didn’t know what to think and he said, “What delivery ??? I didn’t orderanything..” ( I am not kidding, he totally said that )

Then they explained and he came back and saw over 100 missed calls on his phone.

He immediately called me and said he is on his way.

He was in Vijayawada and drove back to Chennai and reached by noon on that very same day.

Now that I have my husband on my side, I was so relieved and yeah I was ready for this baby.

Ok, it became 11.00pm and still no sign of the baby. All I could get was a good 20 minutes apart contraction and I was only 6cm dilated.

What the hell??? I was only 6cm dilated and it’s paining like freaking hell !!!

How will I even survive when it reaches 10cm.

I kept looking at my mom, and asking her, Ma, when will this be over ??

The night passed without any sleep but only pain.

I was already changed into that wonderful night gown given by the hospital. The only thing I could drink was coffee and I must have drunk at least a good gallons of it.

Which totally explains now why my daughter loves coffee.

Ok, before I move to another topic… yeah, It was 3.00 pm the next day and I was all set in the labor room with full 10cm dilated and the pain..Please, I don’t even want to think about it…

The hospital was good and allowed my husband inside the room with me throughout the whole thing.

I should say, my husband did an amazing job, he was strong the whole time motivating me.

After a good 3 hours and 22 mins push, There she came screaming into the world.

Oh, she was perfect. Everything felt perfect. All the pain and cry everything finally had a meaning.

She was definitely worth everything I went through for over 30hours

Did I say that right??? Yeah, 30 HOURS!! ( which of course she would be reminded every damn day from now on)

April 23rd, 2016 definitely changed our whole world upside down.

Aradhana B Samuel, she is the most perfect little baby.

I really want to take this moment and appreciate all the mothers out there. You guys are the best.

P.S: About that cute top I wore earlier, I had to throw it out since the doctors cut it off because I didn’t have the patience to remove it with all that pain. And yeah about the lipstick I wore, please don’t ask..!



Thank you all so much for reading my blog. Hope you all like it. Please feel free to share your views and comments below.


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