Baby On Board ?? Guide to Travel with baby


In the last 17 months, Aradhana, my baby girl has taken over 30 + flights. Most of the times, I have my husband with me or there were a few times where it was just the baby and me.

Travelling with a baby shouldn’t be all struggle and hectic. In fact, Aura(Aradhana), loves to be out now. She is the happiest when we travel.

Initially, I was also too stressed and always over pack and end up carrying loads of bags and totally be exhausted by the end of the day. With the last one and a half year of experience, I have learned some ways to make traveling with a baby easy. Hope this post would be helpful for all the mothers out there.

Ok, Let’s get started…

1. Mind Set:

The first and foremost thing while traveling with an infant/toddler is your mindset. It is always very easy to get anxious and stressed, but most of the time they usually behave better than we hoped. So, always relax and have fun. It’s good on both of you.

2.The Mean People:

Ok, usually most of the time people around are very good when you travel with a baby. But still, I have the experience where people show faces when they hear a crying baby.

Aura, took her first flight when she was around 3 months old. And it was not at all pleasant. She was extremely fussy and cranky the whole time.

I had few people staring at us throughout the whole journey. The best thing to do when you have a crying baby is to look away and just shut everyone and just focus on the baby.

3.Board Early:

It is always good to board the flight early because you’ll be less stressed when there are not many people around you.

Most of the airlines, always have Board Early privileges to mothers with kids and the elder peoples.

4.Carry – On:

It is always best to have a carry on bag with you while traveling. You can have all the things within your arms reach. I have listed all the necessary items needed to pack in the next point.


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6.Avoid the back of the Plane :

Please note, do not accept a seat at the back of the plane. It is always crowded with people standing in line to use the bathroom or the flight attendants chatting or slamming the kitchen cabinets. It distracts baby’s sleep.

7.Changing Diapers:

All airports now have a child care facility to feed and change diapers. And most of the airplanes will have a changing table inside the bathroom too.

But it is always good to wipe the table and use your own changing mat to prevent our kids from catching any infection.

8.More Clothes:

Always pack a set extra for the baby, especially if it’s a long flight or have airport transits in between. Also, pack an extra top for yourself, you’ll never know when your baby decides to throw up on you.

9.Take off / Landing:

If your baby is less than a year old, it is always safe to breastfeed/bottle feed your baby while taking off and landing to prevent any ear pain.

Aura now is a trained flyer, most of the time she doesn’t want to fed and is perfectly happy people watching. So don’t worry much if they won’t feed or take the bottle, just distract them with a pacifier or some toy to suck on, they will be perfectly fine.


You can always breastfeed your baby on the plane. Don’t be shy to do it, be there when your baby needs you. Always wear something comfortable if you have plans to breastfeed. Make it easy for the baby, you do not want to remove layers of clothes, just keep it convenient and simple.


Babies/Kids get bored easily, especially if it’s a longer flight. Bring some picture books, coloring book, one or two crayons and some handy toys. Don’t bother to bring any huge ones, you’ll be the one carrying it remember.

12. Food:

Pack extra baby food on the plane. Nothing calms baby like food does. You can pack snacks like baby puffs, biscuits, finger foods…They will most likely want to play with it rather than eating, still, it would keep them occupied for a few minutes at least.

13. Getting Help:

When there is a long line during Check-in or Security, do not hesitate to ask help from the airport ground staffs. Most people are happy and willing to help you with your bags and strollers till you get on the plane.

14. Ear Pain:

If your baby is less than a year, they will most likely tend to get ear pain due to the increase in air pressure while flying, Especially if they have a cold. Please consult with your doctor and get a medicine and give it 30 minutes prior boarding the flight.

15. Stoller:

All strollers are free to take inside the airport, It does not come under your baggage limit. Carry a foldable stroller, it just makes everything better.

Thank you all for reading my blog. Hope these tips are useful for you guys. Please do share your comments below.


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