Being A Stay-At-Home Mom

I am a Stay at home mom. My daughter is 17 months old.

This post will list out the Positives and Negatives of being a Stay at home mom.

Let me start with the Negatives first,

No Social Life :

When you’re a full-time mom, you will hardly get the time for yourself and end up not having any interaction with the outside world. Just staying at home seems to be a better idea than taking your kid out with you. They make even shopping our Retail Therapy a disaster.

The Second Income :

We would lose that small amount we make for yourself. Now we have to be totally dependent on our husbands for each and every penny.


When there is not much interaction with the outside world, at some point it’s depressing and makes us feel lonely. It’s always going to be the baby and you.

No time for Conversation:

When it’s only the baby and you, there is no time for any adult conversation. By the time the husband comes back from work, we would be exhausted and hitting the bed would seem like a good idea.

Everything falls on you:

When you’re a Stay at home mom, everything just falls on your shoulder. The cooking, feeding and most importantly cleaning with kids it just makes our life feel impossible. No matter what, or how cranky our kids behave we still have that burden to finish cleaning and do our regular errands for the day.

It doesn’t matter if the Mother is sick :

When we feel sick, it still doesn’t change anything. We still have to change the diapers, we still have to cook and clean and tackle the cranky baby.

Ok, Now enough with the negativity, let’s talk about the Positive side of being a Stay at home Mother.

If you don’t want to Deal with it, you don’t have to Deal with it :

If there are cons then there are equal pros of being a Stay at home mother. If we have a sick baby or if we feel sick we don’t have to call the office to stay back home because we are already home. If you don’t feel like getting ready for the day then we don’t have to. We could still roam around with our pajamas on with messy hair and no makeup.

Not missing any Milestones:

This is probably the best thing of being a full-time mom that we wouldn’t miss anything.

When we are a Stay at home mom, we will always be with the kids and will definitely not miss any of our babies milestones. From their first step to their first word, we wouldn’t miss any those little moments. We would be able to experience it all. We wouldn’t have to hear it from others, we will always be present to witness it.

They know, you’re there :

The last positive thing about being a Stay at home mom is our kids will always know that you are there for them. No matter what they will know that mom is there when they need.

There is not a thing I would like to change, I love being a Stay at home mom. Even with all the cons, like I said every con comes with an equal pro. My Husband and I love the fact that I am there at home to look after the house and the baby. We are definitely not any less being a Stay at home is equally an important role. We are the masters of our house.

Hope you all like my post. Please do share your comments below.


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