Road Trip With A Baby – Survival tips

I recently went on a road trip with my husband and my 17 months old daughter from Calicut to Cochin, Kerala. This isn’t the first road trip for Aura ( my daughter), who has been an active traveller from 3 months.

Based on my recent travel, I like to share my views and points on how to survive on a Road trip with kids.

1. Plan ahead :

The most essential point is to plan your trip ahead. Spur-of-the-moment will not always work when you have a baby with you.

2. Travel At Night :

Travelling at night is much more easier than the day time, since it’s anyways bedtime for the kids so they tend to stick to it and sleep most of the night. Which means lesser stops and happier baby.

3. Invest On A Good Car Seat :

Most Indian parents do not own a car seat. They always have the kid on their lap. Which isn’t safe for the baby and uncomfortable for the mommy.

By the end of the trip both of you will be exhausted.

It is always good to invest on a good Car Seat, it doesn’t have to be expensive there are a lot of affordable options on Amazon and

4. Frequent Stops:

Travelling with babies needs a lot of patience. If it’s a 3hours journey, keep in mind it would take an extra 3 hours by the time you reach your destination.

Babies on a Car Seat or on your lap, they will sweat a lot which will make them hot and cranky. So, It is essential to make in between stops to make your journey smooth.

5. New Toys:

Carry a lot of toys with you. Especially new ones, which could entertain and keep them occupied for a good amount of time.

6. Ride at the Backseat:

Riding with the baby at the backseat would bring so much comfort for the baby and the mother. Especially if your Breastfeeding, it is a lot more easier when your near the baby.

Also kids will prefer a company when it’s a long drive.

7. Little Ones Needs The Most Stuffs:

Our babies/kids they seem little but they will be the ones to need a lot of stuffs.

My Roadtrip Checklist :

Diaper bag

Bottles/Formula box



Baby’s Blanket

Car seat

White Noise Machine

Baby Stroller/ Carrier


Thank you all for reading my blog. Hope you all like it.


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