Baby Weaning Essentials – What to buy?

Hey guys,

Welcome back to my blog, today I am going to share with you all about my weaning essentials. Whether your pregnant for the first time or you just had the baby and starting to wean them this post would be handy and helpful.

It is always good to have the right products in order for the process to go as smooth as possible for you and the baby. I have listed and linked all the necessary things down below you will be needing to wean your baby.

So let’s get started,

Highchair Or Booster Chair:

First things first, you will be needing a comfortable high chair to feed your baby. Since they will be in an upright position it will be easier for them to swallow food properly.

Some people debate on getting a highchair or a booster chair. From my experience, I personally prefer highchair better since it can be used for a very long time compared to the booster chairs. Highchairs are more secure and comfortable for the baby.

Investing on a good Food Processor:

Home cooked foods are always best for the baby. As your kid turns around six months old, he needs to be fed food other than your breast-milk/formula. Kids aged about six months are yet to develop their first complete set of teeth. Therefore their food should be reduced to a gooey paste, which they can easily swallow and digest likewise. Kids that young are generally fed pastes of rice, dal and boiled veggies. The Food processor with Steamer and Blender makes your task easier and lesser time demanding.

Spoons and Bowls:

Spoons and Plastic bowls are a must buy. Having a spoon with a soft tip will protect your baby’s sensitive gums.

When it comes to bowls, I have personally tried so many brands and finally, I found the perfect one. Always buy bowls with a suction base, it will stick to the table so that it doesn’t end up being thrown on you. It sure does keeps things a little less messy.

Sippy cups:

When you introduce baby food please ensure that you introduce water as well. Encourage your baby to drink from a sippy cup from 6 months. Always boil the water, cool it down before giving your baby.

Baby Bibs and Coveralls:

When you start weaning you will be needing lots of bibs. Seriously, you will be needing tons. There are lots of varieties available, its safe to get the plastic bibs since its very easy to clean than the cloth bibs.

Baby Mess Mat:

Shield your floors from stains and spills with the Baby Mess Mat! This mat lets your carpet or floor show through; simply place it under Babys high chair for extra protection at meal time.

Baby Weaning Checklist :

Baby HighchairLuvLap Sunshine Baby Highchair – with Transparent Tray (Green)

Food ProcessorPhilips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender

Baby spoons and bowlsNuby Hot Safe Soft Tips Feeding Spoon
Safe-O-Kid – Pack of 2-Baby Feeding Essential – Microwave Safe, Airtight Food Bowl with Suction Base

Sippy cupsPhilips Avent Premium Spout Cup 340ml – Pink (Single Pack)

Baby Bibs & CoverallsToyboy Set of 3 Waterproof Baby Apron Cum Bib – Random Colors and Designs
New Style High Quality Baby Soft Bib Waterproof Silicone Colorful Baby Bibs-Luvina

Baby Mess MatMomspet Baby Water Proof Bed Protector Sheet

So, guys, that’s the end of my baby weaning essentials. Hope you all like it. Please do share your comments below.


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