Weaning My Co-Sleeping Toddler – How I did it?


Hey all, Today I’ll be sharing my experience on How I completely weaned my baby girl. Weaning toddler, it is definitely not easy. From the moment I got pregnant, I always knew I want to Breastfeed my baby at least for her first year. My Breastfeeding journey had a rough start but thankfully we saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Which led me here, I’m so glad I could nurse my baby for these last 18 months. It was a beautiful journey and now it’s time to say goodbye. So right around this month beginning, I started with my Weaning process.

 1. Limit daytime Nursing:

First, I started with the daytime nursing. Toddlers generally aren’t always nursing because they are hungry. They nurse because they are bored. Whenever my daughter sees me sitting peacefully on the couch, she comes straight up to me, lift my shirt and asks for milk. I first tried to change that habit, whenever I see her coming I try to change her mind by showing her some toys or giving her any little snack to distract her from nursing. This is an important step because it shows that their daytime access to the breast is now over.

2. Go slowly:

It’s no hurry. First, start with reducing your daytime sessions and move on to the nighttime sessions. Weaning all of a sudden will affect the child too. All these months they were relying on nursing and suddenly if that disappears it would result in more crankiness and screams. We definitely don’t want that. 

3. Get daddy involved:

Asking the father to put the baby to sleep. You can ask the husband to sleep with your baby so when the baby wakes up he could rock and put her back to sleep. This method works for some people but did not work for me. Whenever my husband tries to put her back to sleep when she wakes for feed in the middle of the night, she howls like crazy and refuses to sleep until I put her on my breast.

 4. Keep a routine:

In a few days time, I could get a hold on my daytime feedings, I reduced it little by little that finally, she forgot to ask me during the day. But night time is not that easy, first of all, it’s because of the mother, we are so tired that we cave and nurse because we do not want to wake up in the middle of the night and rock the baby back to sleep. I kept a daily bedtime routine for her. Every day after dinner, I give her a warm bath we read a book, we pray together and I nurse her to sleep. Now instead of nursing her, I rocked her sleep.

5. Final tip – Went old-fashioned:

She uses to wake up several times in the middle of the night to nurse. When I try to rock her back to sleep she falls asleep on my shoulders but wakes up immediately when I put her on the bed. Since I’m also exhausted I nurse her back to sleep. I knew this would do no help but as a mother we sometimes cave.

Finally, my friend told me about the magic Neem oil. I say magic because it really did wonders.Every time I apply neem oil on my breast my daughter doesn’t come near me. It’s so bitter and smells yuck, that they do not want to nurse at all. When I understood she doesn’t want to feed, I was determined as well. So during the night time when she wakes up to nurse I apply the oil and she refuses to drink my milk. I offer her some water, she sometimes drinks it and I rock her to sleep. I did this for two days straight and now she doesn’t ask for my breast. Even if she wakes up I give her only water and she falls right back to sleep.

It was definitely a miracle. And we finally did it. No more nursing. She finally forgot about it.

The most important tip is to commit to the process, it’s probably the hardest but once we are determined we will surely appreciate it.

Pros of Weaning a Toddler

1. They learn to sleep on their own. When my daughter understood theirs no more boobies, she learnt how to sleep on her own. I have even stopped rocking her to sleep. Now she cuddles me and falls asleep.

2. They sleep longer. Now my baby girl doesn’t wake up too many times during night time. She still wakes up twice but she drinks water and falls right back to sleep.

3. They eat better. I really did notice a huge difference in her eating pattern. She now eats well without any fuss.

4. No more embarrassment. No more lifting your shirt in public and asking for the breast.

5. And finally, you can be free.

It’s definitely not an easy process, but once we get through with it, it’s definitely worth it. Mothers who are trying to wean their toddlers do try Neem Oil, it really does works.

Thank you all so much for reading my post. Hope you all like it. Please do share your comments below.


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