Beauty Must Haves For Your Makeup Bag – Makeup For Beginners


Hey guys,

Welcome back to my blog, today I’m going to share about Makeup Products every girl needs in her makeup bag. If you are a makeup beginner this post would be a great help, since nowadays there are so many products and different brands out there so it may be kind of imitating on what exactly do we need and which one to buy?

If you’re a makeup lover and you want to downsize with all the necessities in one bag to do an everyday fresh makeup look then you will find this post useful as well.

I have listed some product recommendations below each section. If you have a favourite product please do leave in the comment section below.

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This is the most important thing depending on your skin type. You can either choose a foundation for your skin tone or If you do not have any major dark circles or blemishes you can very well skip the foundation and throw in a Tinted Moisturiser in your makeup bag to even out your skin tone.

A base is an important step because it helps you even out your skin, smoothens it for the rest of your makeup.


Concealer is the Holy Grail product when it comes to makeup. This is a definite must-have, it covers your dark circles, blemishes, freckles and also highlights at the same time. There are so many different types of concealers available in the market, do choose a two shade lighter than your skin tone, a brightening concealer is a must have in your makeup bag.


A Press Powder or a Translucent Powder is a life saver! It helps set the foundation to last longer. Also, if you start to get a little shiny around your face, you can just dab some powder and your good to go.


A Bronzer has so many uses, it can be used for a simple contour, or just to give some colour to your face. It works with every outfit and you can just use it even as an eyeshadow. So definitely add a bronzer in your makeup bag.


Add an eyebrow powder or a brow pencil in your makeup bag to fill in the sparse areal, it really helps give shape and structure to the face. Brow Powder can also be used as an eyeliner.


Mascara is every girl’s best friend when it comes to makeup. It is a MUST in your makeup bag. A couple of coats and your eyes will pop up dramatically.


A lipstick, a gloss or a tinted lip balm can tie your look together. Have a go-to shade in your makeup bag at all times.


Like many other beauty products, highlighter comes in various different forms: powder, cream, liquid, stick, and powder/cream hybrid. Each of these forms has its own unique benefits, but for beginners, I recommend either powder or stick, as they are the easiest to work with.

My fool-proof method for applying highlighter is to lightly apply it along the bridge of your nose, the tops of your cheekbones, your cupid’s bow, and just below your eyebrows.

You can even multi-task and use your highlighter as an eyeshadow!


Finally, you will need a good set of makeup brushes. Invest in a good quality of brushes.

  • Blush/Bronzer brush — tapered at the sides with a rounded tip
  • Eyeshadow brush — soft bristled with tapered sides and a rounded top
  • Powder brush — soft-bristled, large brush
  • Brow/lash groomer — rough bristles with a square or slanted tip

I hope you all like this list put together. You can always add other things like shadows, liners, blush if you want to. These listed products will help you create an easy, fresh and natural makeup. Thank you all for reading my post do comment your favourite makeup product down below!


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