Weekend Getaway

Last weekend we went on a road trip to Thenmala, Kerala to see our dear Grandparents. We drove for nearly 500km from Calicut to Thenmala. It took us around 10 hours to reach our destination.

With a Toddler, it’s never an easy journey. She was bored half the time. Whenever we stopped for a break she didn’t want to get back in the car. With all this craziness we managed to reach our grandparent’s house.

Thenmala is an ecotourism site in Kerala, a state in southwest India. It lies just north of the Thenmala Dam, which spans the Kallada River. The Elevated Walkway winds through a thick canopy of trees, home to many native birds.

Thenmala is considered to be India’s first planned-Tourism destination.

We had the most fun with the family. Aradhana, enjoyed the nature and loved all the pampering from her great grandparents.

Hope you all liked my blog post. Thank you all for reading it.

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