How I lost my Pregnancy Weight ?

Hey everyone

Today I’m going to share all about How I lost my Pregnancy Weight.

I get a lot of questions on my Instagram pictures, on how I lost my baby weight. People who know me for a long time would know that I was huge during my pregnancy.

The picture above was taken three days before my baby girl was born. Yes, I wasn’t kidding. I was huge. 

I was swollen with fluids throughout my body. After my baby girl was born, I lost around 8 kgs that same day.

Still, it dint makes much of a difference. It was like taking a small cherry on top of a cake. I still weighed a lot.

To be exact I was 90kgs when I entered the labour wade and came out weighing 82kgs.

My mum and everyone convinced that Breastfeeding would burn a LOTT of calories.

Months passed, I went full-time Breastfeeding, my baby girl started growing but no changes in my weight.

As you can see I was still huge with a huge tummy.

It was like this not because I couldn’t lose the weight, it’s because I did not do anything about it. I was lazy and thought Breastfeeding will do the work for me.

Yes, Breastfeeding does burn the calories. It just helped by not letting me gain any more weight and just stay the same.

When Aura was 8 months we moved to Delhi. Till then I had help to clean the house and cook and do the other stuff at home. Now In Delhi, I just had a maid for one hour every morning to clean the house. That’s it.

So it made me move, I cleaned I cooked I looked after the baby and I was still Breastfeeding. Now I could see my body losing weight.

When I realised I was actually losing weight I wanted to encourage my body to do more. So every day I take my baby girl in a stroller for a half n hour walk around the park.

Believe it or not, it really helped.

Not only my body was loving it physically,my mind was relaxed and 

When we are always pampered with help and suddenly when it’s all gone we are left with only anxiety.

But once I started to walk I could feel calm and relaxed. This happened not because I started to walk it’s because I started to do something for myself.

Every day we went for a walk, my kid loved the fresh air and the people watching while I enjoyed my walk.

When Aura my daughter turned one, I managed to lose another 8 kgs.

After which, I started with dieting.

Instead of rice, I took chappati in the noon as well as at night.

I cut down all sugar intake and tried to eat healthy as much as possible. Since I was still Breastfeeding I did not want my milk supply to go down. So I tried to compensate rice with a lot of vegetables and fruits and a glass of milk every night.

After that, I took a maid at home and when I was comfortable with her with my child, I started with yoga at home.

I had a trained teacher every other day for one hour in the mornings.

With yoga and the walking I was able to lose all the weight gained 
during my pregnancy.

I still haven’t reached anywhere near my fitness goals. I still have a flabby tummy.

After I stopped with Breastfeeding, I started taking Apple Cider Vinegar (with mother) before every meal. Get yours now  –> Apple Cider Vinegar

This helps to control hunger and absorbs all the extra fat.

There wasn’t much I did. But this is all I DID.

I know many moms who used to reduce all their pregnancy weight in a short couple of months but I wasn’t one of them and this post isn’t for them.

I’m happy with my body now even with all the flabbiness. I was always chubby, throughout my life I was the chubby one.

For all those who asked me and who wants to lose weight,

 Patience is the only key to any happiness.

Just one step at a time. We can’t lose all the weight we gained for the past 9 months in just overnight. It would definitely take time.

Appreciate your body more and be Stressfree. Prepare your mind mentally first, it will reflect on you physically as well.

Enjoy your time with your babies, they won’t be little forever. Walk more and eat healthily. That’s all I did. And it worked.

You don’t have to spend hours at the gym and go crazy.

Even 10 min at home every day is more than enough.


Hope you all like my post. If you find it helpful please do comment below.

Thank you all so much for reading it. Have a blessed day.


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