Best Amazon Buy – Lifestyle & Mommy (Part 2)


Hello guys

Welcome back to another blog post. Today I’m going to share my Amazon Favourites.

I love Amazon. It’s super easy it’s super convenient, you don’t have to leave the house and most importantly you will get it within one or two days.

I already did a similar post last year, if you guys want to check it out I will link it right here — Best Amazon Buy – Lifestyle, Beauty, Mommy and Electronics

As you all know I am a full-time stay-at-home mommy, I love to go to the stores and shop but with a toddler going shopping is never easy. Somedays are bliss and most of the days its only screaming and howling. So I do most of my shopping online. Here are my most used amazon products that I am personally using and loving it.

Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat

My kid loves this, it’s a great product and can be used infants to pre-schoolers.

A cleaner tray for baby wherever you go. The healthy care booster seat has a feeding tray you can sanitize right in the dishwasher. With the snap-on lid in place, the tray will stay clean until you’re ready to use it. So you can take it wherever you go. Back & tray remove for the older child.


Hokipo Soap Dispensing Dishwashing Brush 

If you’re like me and doesn’t want to get your hands dirty when washing utensils, then this is truly a great product.

Save time and effort with this dishwashing sponge scrubber brush which comes with 2 sponge refills for ready replacement. Just twist off the cap and fill with a liquid dish detergent and see how much easier dishwashing can be! The brush squirts liquid soap as you clean. Brush head with sponge and scrubber effortlessly wipes away grease and grime and leaves your dishes and bowls sparkling clean. The scrubbing head refills are easy to replace.


Storage Box Lid Kitchen Set

Easy to store and it suits best for cereals like corn flakes and chocos.

Convenient food-storage container for kitchen and it is made of high-quality plastic and they are dishwasher safe. This container occupies very less space in your kitchen and they look attractive too. 



Hokipo Laundry Basket Hamper 

I have already mentioned about this product in my last Amazon post, but this year they have come with some really cute laundry baskets.

It’s very attractive, lightweight solution to keeping laundry and clothes. It is foldable for easy storage when not in use but sturdy enough to stand alone. Designed with a combination of high-quality linen and fabric, it is easy to carry, durable, with a long service life, which makes it a great addition to the bathroom, bedroom, child’s room, etc.

Comfort After Wash Pure Fabric Conditioner for Baby

This is a new launch product from Comfort Fabric Conditioner. I have been really longing for a product like this ever since I started washing my kid’s clothes. Most of the baby detergents are odorless and even after washing the clothes just didn’t feel fresh. When I saw this on Amazon a few weeks back I ordered it immediately.

Its dermatologically tested formula is specially designed to be safe and soft on your baby’s skin, leaving your baby’s clothes feeling soft and fresh. Repeated washing with only detergents makes clothes lose their softness and their fibers become rough, which is not suitable for your baby’s skin. Comfort pure coats each fiber of your baby’s clothes in unbeatable softness. It has no dyes and has a mild new fragrance, which makes it perfect for baby’s clothes.


So these are my Amazon favorites,

All the above-mentioned products are personally used and rated as favorites. Hope you all like the blog post, thank you for reading it. Please do share your comments below.



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