Our Baby Boy’s Birth Story – Testimony


April 28th, Sunday early morning at 4.45 my water broke.

We rushed to the hospital. Almost most of my water came out but I did not have any contractions yet.

The doctors admitted me and started antibiotics since I lost most of the water.

After that, I was asked to walk around until I get intense contractions.

Till that night I got only mild pain which was all bearable and nothing too intense.

So the next day I was taken into the labor room to induce pain and get this baby out.

After a few minutes of the pain medication, I got severe contractions. I was so sure I’m going to deliver this baby today. So I put my maximum effort to bear this pain and deliver this baby soon.

But God had different plans.

The more the pain strikes we could notice the baby’s heartbeat going down.

So after 3 hours of inducement, they stopped the pain medication to monitor the baby’s heartbeat. But unfortunately this medicine triggered my contractions naturally and it started to strike me front and back.

So now I keep getting pain all naturally and it still made the baby’s heartbeat go down.

I was in pain for more than 48 hours, so the doctors decided to do a C section on me the next morning but they did not tell us anything. They knew something was not right since the baby’s heartbeat was dipping.

I was asked to take bath early morning and be on an empty stomach to restart the pain medication.

I kept getting severe contractions naturally and with the induce medicine it was double the pain.

The pain got so severe, I was totally weak with no sleep and no food or water I just couldn’t bear the pain.

I started to push even when the doctors advised me it’s not yet time to push.

But I only wanted to push this baby out. My husband was with me the whole time, with his support I started pushing. I was so tired, losing consciousness little by little…

I pushed and pushed till the doctors could finally see our baby’s head. I couldn’t believe how I survived with more than 3 hours of just pushing.

After another hour of push, he was FINALLY out.

When the doctors told us it was a boy, I was already half fainted I couldn’t hear anything.

But I was truly thankful to God that he was out alive and healthy.

The reason it was this difficult because the baby’s cord was around his neck twice which made him not to come out. So every time I pushed he couldn’t breathe which made his heartbeat go down.

In cases like these, its mostly only option is an operation, even the doctors could not imagine how he came out in normal delivery.

Even if he wants to come out the cord kept pulling him back. Since my water membrane was ruptured it was difficult for the baby to turn to relieve the cord by itself.

The chief doctor personally came up to me and told us, this was truly a miraculous delivery. Most cases like this will be done only through an operation that’s why we asked you to be on empty stomach just in case if something goes wrong because pushing with baby’s cord around him is very very difficult. That too on the neck.

But God gave me the strength, the strength to push this baby out all natural and in normal delivery.

I was in the hospital for 3 days with lots of pain mentally and physically. Thinking about it now it was the scariest three days of our lives.

But God does gives us the strength and support when we need them the most.

Our God is so good, he does all the amazing things in our lives.

This delivery was truly miraculous which wouldn’t have happened if it’s not for God’s grace alone.

I truly can’t thank God enough for this beautiful little baby boy. He is our family’s miracle.

Baby Boy!

Born on April 30th, 10.21 am

3.320 kg of pure Perfection.

I personally want to thank each and everyone who prayed for my delivery. Thank you all so much for all your prayers and love towards me and my family.

Hope you like this post. Thank you all for reading it.


10 thoughts on “Our Baby Boy’s Birth Story – Testimony

  1. Jothsna says:

    Wonderfully written dear. He truly is a miracle baby. In awe of how our Lord strengthens us when we are weak. God bless the lil one and your family. Loads of love!!

    Liked by 1 person

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