Life with two kids – How do I cope?

Hello everybody, its been a while since I blogged.

Well.. its really been a very difficult and tiring last few months.

If your a follower of my blog post, you all will know I gave birth recently to my beautiful baby boy 4 months back.


Here is how I cope with 2 kids and also some top tips for parents with young kids. Having 2 children is challenging especially with an infant.

It’s been a big learning curve for us but we finally feel like things are getting a bit more manageable!

So here we go…

Tip 1: Adjust your expectations

We definitely can’t be as productive as before, now that I think with one child my day was so much easier and now even going out of the house as a family is a challenging task. But just adjust your expectations, just start the day knowing that we’ll do at least one out of the ten jobs done or somedays even none.

These last few months were really exhausting, having a full energy mode on toddler and a needy newborn. When one sleeps the other one is awake and when my daughter is awake she always needs me with something or the other.

So I now learned to adjust my expectations not to cramp a lot of things in a day and do the most important pieces of stuff only.

Tip 2: Accept help

We feel like I gave birth to my kids so it’s only my job to look after them, no not necessary.

After we moved to Chennai from Delhi its been a great help to have our family around. My mom is a super mom. She has helped me with so much baby stuffs these past few months. So on the days I feel overwhelmed or tiring I ask my moms help to look after the baby boy while I can rest for a little while before my toddler comes back from school.

Tip 3: Have at least 5 min ME time

At some point in your day have at least 5 minutes to yourself. It might sound silly but this really works and calms yourself before your into the chaos again.

It can be anything from reading the bible to listening to your favorite song. It’s tough, somedays it will be 15 mins and somedays not even close to 5 minutes but find that time to yourself.

Tip 4: Encouraging quiet time activities to your toddler

Like coloring books or paints. Keep your toddler settled in one place and teach them to paint or color with them. It will interest your toddler and we can sit for a while.

Tip 5: Screen time is OK

There’s nothing wrong in giving your toddler your phone or iPad or watching a movie. everyday half n hour to one hour I let my kid watch any youtube kids video or any movie of her choice, while I can use that time to cook or feed my newborn.

So, there might be much other life hacks to handle kids but these are my 5 main tips to cope with 2 or more kids. Thank you everyone for reading my blog post. Hope you all like it. thank you all.





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