Quarantine with Kids

Hey you guys and welcome back to another blog post. It’s been a long time since I wrote one, it definitely feels good to back at it.

So, as you all know things have been a little crazy right now with this Coronavirus and Lockdown. Stores are running out of supplies, schools are closed, malls and parks are closed and all are asked to STAY HOME!

So what does it all means for the family with small children? How do we keep them home and entertained? Being home with kids for days let alone for weeks feels like an overwhelming challenge.

How do you keep them busy? How do you keep them entertained and what do you do all day every day at home?

So today’s post it’s all about that…How to keep the kids entertained, happy without killing each other till this lockdown is over.

Since it’s work from home for husbands also it’s easier to sleep in that extra hour, we don’t have to rush around making lunch boxes or getting dressed. Just let go of all that pressure and maybe even enjoy this break together.

Now let’s move on to some fun things to do!

Let’s start with little art projects, I’m sure everyone will definitely have some coloring pens or paints at home. Kids can easily entertain themselves at least for 30-45 mins of coloring or painting. We can also make some improvements by giving them empty plastic bottles to paint and color. It will definitely make them love to color and give you some peaceful quiet time too.

Next is involving kids with your cleaning routine. Just give them a spray bottle with little water in it and ask them to clean all the windows and tables around the house. Kids love to spray and I’m sure they will look forward every day to do this with you.

Next is playing with some PlayDoh, it’s always fun and kids love it too. If we don’t have we can always make them some by using wheat dough.

Kids love to roam around with us following us around the house. Why not use this opportunity? When we cook or clean the kitchen, you can ask them to arrange some stainless steel utensils or let them use their imagination. My kids love to do this, even my almost 1-year-old end up using the utensils as drums while his sister dances around the house.

If your kids are a little older, you can ask their help while cooking or baking. When small kids would definitely love to cook and play, only when we got older we lose that interest…Just Kidding 😉

If kids are still bored and not interested in any of these, then, of course, we have the universal solution, SCREEN TIME. But instead of letting them watch YouTube videos, we can encourage them in all the educational apps easily available on play store or AppStore.

These last few days the one thing I realized, it’s actually easier to entertain the kids but too difficult to keep the husband occupied. With that said, Thank you all so much for reading my blog post. Hope you all enjoyed it.

Happy Quarantine. STAY HOME. STAY SAFE.




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