Lockdown Essentials – Mommies and Pregnant mamas

A mother’s SMILE is always about her child.

This lockdown has been really hard on everyone. Especially when it comes to our babies we always want to give them the best. 

I’m so thankful to FirstCry.com for their efforts to bring smile on every mother’s face. 

FirstCry is resuming delivery of essentials items for babies and kids i.e. Diapers, Bath & Skin, Feeding and Nursing and health & safety products.

They have been working round the clock to bring our daily needs to us while ensuirng the safety and health of their delivery partners as well as our family. Here’s a list of measures they have taken to ensure that the deliveries are 100% safe. 

  • They are accepting only pre-paid orders to achieve contact less delivery for all by asking the customers to tell delivery partners to drop off packages to minimise contact. 
  • Customer care operations have moved away from telecommunications. They are solving customer queries through online queries only.   
  • They have trained warehouse staff in maintaining personal hygiene. Hand sanitizers and masks are compulsory for all staff. 
  • They are running sanitation & cleanliness checks in warehouses and sanitizing the spaces regularly
  • They have minimized handling of packages in the warehouses before shipping them to us. 


1. Diapers / Wipes

2. Nursing pillow

3. Diaper rash cream

4. Formula dispenser

5. Breastfeeding pump

6. Feeding Bottles

7. Cot

8. Baby blankets

9. Co-sleeping bed

10. Onesies

11. Changing Mat

12. Nursing bra

13. Breast pads

14. Stroller / baby carrier / Car Seat

15. Bibs / teething toys

16. Bathtub

17. Baby Toiletries – Soap, Baby detergent, shampoo, Baby oil and Powder

18. Muslin cloth/ burp cloth

19. Bottle sterilizer

20.Baby noise machine


1. Extra set of clothes for mommy and baby

2. Wipes

3. Diapers

4. Formula dispenser

5. Bottles

6. Thermos flask

7. Bibs/toys

8. Snacks for older babies

9. Changing Mat

10. Baby lotion / Diaper cream

Please log on to http://www.firstcry.com and order your baby essentials.

Thank you all so much for reading this.

Stay home. Stay safe.


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