Sleep Training Your Baby

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog post. Today I’m going to share all about Sleep training you baby.

You can start sleep training your baby right after they turn 4 months, but I prefer 6-8 months would be an ideal time to start with it, since babies can sleep through the night without feeling hungry.

I believe that sleeping is a learned skill. We teach them how to eat, how to walk, likewise we will have to encourage them to sleep on their own as well.

Tip #1 No Night Feeds

This is the first thing that you should be doing when you want to start with the sleep training process.

If your baby wakes up every one hour in the middle of the night, it’s going to be EXHAUSTING.

For you and your baby too. Babies don’t usually wake up hungry it’s just for comfort.

They know you will feed them no matter how many times they wake up. So first cut down the access to your boobs.

So, after you put them to sleep if they again wake up. Your allowed to feed them till 11pm, but after that don’t feed them.

Try to comfort them but rocking them back to sleep instead of feeding them.

Keep in mind the first few days it’s going to be more exhausting but trust me it will be all worth it.

There’s going to be a lot of scream and cry but please do not cave in and feed them. You have to be strong in this process.

Ask the dad to get involved, to put him to sleep. But if that doesn’t works out try to to rock him. Offer him only water. And NO to milk.

I’m just 3-4 days they will stop waking up. If they are not going to get any milk , they WILL NOT wake up just to drink water.

Tip #2 Bedtime Routine

Babies can not tell time. It’s what we teach them. So incorporate a bedtime routine for them and try to stick to it.

So, what I do is, I start with a bath first, then dinner, prayer time with family, changing into PJ’s and read a book and it’s sleep time.

I follow this everyday. I have been doing this with my daughter these last 4 years and now I do it with my son too.

So always always make a bedtime routine. Whatever works for you, try it and do it everyday.

Tip #3 Comfortable Environment

So, when you put your baby to sleep, please check the room. If it’s dark enough for sleeping. The temperature shouldn’t be too cold or too warm. Also, mainly cut down all the interesting distractions inside the room.

Basically the room should be boring..!

Tip #4 White Noise/ Sound Machine

This has been a life saver for us. I have been using the sound machine with my daughter and now with my son. It’s truly amazing

There are so mann machines available online but I personally prefer the app.

It’s called Sound Sleeper. It’s a paid app. But totally worth it.

You have to download. It’s available both on android and iPhones. So when you do the bedtime routine and create a sleeping environment and switch on the noise machine, babies will know Ok, the sound is on, I should go to sleep now.

Tip #5 Lay The Baby Drowsy

Ok, now this is the most important step. If you want your baby to sleep well in the long run, then it’s important that they learn to fall asleep on their own. Most babies wake up in the middle of the night crying not knowing how to get back to sleep.

So, now always lay down the baby drowsy enough but not fully asleep. If they wake up right away when you put them down, then again rock the baby and put him back to sleep.

It might take 20-25 times to get this right, but eventually they will become tired and will go to sleep.

This would help them to learn to sleep without expecting your comfort even if they wake up in the middle of the night.

I usually give my son a bottle of water and lay down next to him. I will not communicate, not even make eye contact with him. I just simply lie down next to him. He will start rolling and eventually he will fall asleep. First few weeks it took him more than an hour to go to sleep. But now he can sleep within 10-15 minutes.

Isn’t that great..!

Tip #5 Limit the length of naps

If your baby is younger than 11 months then they might still need 2-3 naps during the day time.

Do not let them sleep more than 2 hours per nap during the day time and also try not to put them to sleep during the evenings. This would make the night time difficult.

Tip #7 Be Patient

So this is my final tip. Please be patient. It’s not going to happen overnight. It will definitely take time. The first one week is going to be the hardest.

But once they understand to self soothe then it’s pure heaven.

Also please ensure that all your babies needs are met. Check their diapers and if they are fed enough.

Sleep training can be a little tricky when babies go through any growth situation or when they are teething or when they are sick. So try to comfort them more during such times and start the sleep training process again.

Us being patient is more important. Teach them to self soothe.

I choose SLEEP. I’m not trying to be selfish but nobody likes ab exhausted mama.

I can be a good mother only when I have the energy and patience through out the day.

And likewise, it’s important for your babies as well to sleep well. It helps with their brain development, digestion and their growth.

So that’s it guys. Hope you all found this blog post useful. Please do let me know in the comments.

Thank you all so much.


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